How to Get Amazon Music on Firestick?

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Amazon Music on Firestick: Have you ever skipped your day from listening to music? Most of your answers would be No as everyone loves to listen to music keeping it a part of life. 

In that way, having a perfect music app on our devices is so essential to have access to high-quality music. In search of such premium music streaming applications, you might have come across Amazon Music.

Yes, Amazon Music is a familiar music streaming platform and digital music store by Amazon that is available on most devices. Here, we shall look over the procedure to get Amazon Music on Firestick.

Is Amazon Music Free on Firestick?

Like any other device, Amazon Music is free on Firestick with ads and you can get this app on your device. However, you will need a subscription to enjoy ad-free music on Amazon Music.

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How to Get Amazon Music on Firestick?

Amazon Music is a service by Amazon, it is available on all Fire TV devices for sure. So, the app is available on your Fire TV device and you do not have to spend your time downloading it.

Also, you won’t need a subscription to access the Amazon Music app unless you wish to access an ad-free version, you can directly use the app. Below are the steps to follow to find Amazon Music on your Fire TV or get it on your device.

Amazon Music on Firestick
How to Get Amazon Music on Firestick?

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Step 1:

To proceed, connect your Fire TV stick to your TV unless you are using a Firestick-enabled TV.

Step 2:

After that, reach the home screen of your Fire TV with the help of your Firestick remote control.

Step 3:

Next, click on the Find option on the Fire TV or select the Apps and Channels section to search for the Amazon Music app.

Step 4:

Enter the app name Amazon Music and browse for the app in the Apps section.

Step 5:

Once you find the Amazon Music app under the Apps section, select it and begin using it.

Step 6:

Also, you can tap on the Get or the Download option if you have mistakenly removed the app from the Apps list.

Step 7:

Then, open the app and log in with the Amazon account details you have linked with your Amazon Music.

Step 8:

Finally, you can search for your favorite music on the Amazon Music app and enjoy it through your Firestick.

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Winding Up

After all, you might have known that the Amazon Music app is a pre-installed app on Firestick if you are a new user. Also, we have seen the procedure to find it from the Apps section and to install it on the device if it is not present.

Probably, you have found the Amazon Music app on your Fire TV devices and started streaming it. Further, subscribing to Amazon Prime will let you enjoy unlimited ad-free music.