What Channel is BT Sport on Virgin Media?

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In this write-up, we will see about BT Sport on Virgin Media. The name itself shows that it is a sports channel everyone is a fan of our interesting sports. So everyone deserves to relax in our sweet home, sitting on our couch and watching our favorite sports programs. The best way to watch your favorite sports programs is to watch BT Sport.

This Company’s cable network gives a multi-billion pound investment. Virgin Media has over half a million home subscribers in the UK. In BT Sport you can enjoy all Sports programs and other exciting programs across the globe. To know more about this Channel, read this article to get what you want.

What Channel is BT Sport on Virgin Media?

BT Sport on Virgin Media
What Channel is BT Sport on Virgin Media?

Virgin Media has developed the most exciting and interactive television service. Virgin Media is famous for its unending content and good picture quality. This was the first broadcast company to offer HD and 3D to millions of British people. Luckily you can get BT Sports on Virgin Media by subscribing to its package. This Channel comes in Virgin Media with the Bigger Bundle, Bigger Bundle+ Sports, and Ultimate Volt Bundle.

You can get this Channel for a monthly subscription. The costs of this Channel in Virgin Media are affordable to everyone. The package also includes HD channels, so there is no need to pay extra for HD channels on Virgin Media. We prepared a list of channel numbers that help you find your favorite channel fastly. Because there are hundreds of channels on Virgin Media, it may be a little bit harder to find your favorite Channel on those hundreds of channels.


Channel Name Channel Number
BT Sport 527
BT Sport on Virgin Media
  • European Football Show
  • The BT Sport Boxing Show
  • The Football’s On
  • Bt Sport United
  • Live BT Sports Night Fight
  • BT Sport Mic’d Up
  • BT Sports Goals Reload
  • No Filter Boxing
  • BT Sports Cricket
  • BT Sport Live


The above information about the Channel BT Sport will clarify all your doubts. This Channel will give you and your family full of joy. This channel will keep you engaged with its good content. To know more about this channel, read this article to the end without skipping anything.

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