What Channel is HLN on Cox?

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HLN on Cox: There is no doubt that cable TV services are the best sources for watching news headlines. In that way, this article discusses about watching the HLN channel on Cox.

Seemingly, the HLN (Headline News) is a TV Network in America and owned by CNN Worldwide. Indeed, the programming of the HLN channel includes some live news and true-crime stories.

Although the HLN channel is available on Cox TV, it is essential to find its exact channel code to locate it on the Cox channel guide. So, read below to find what channel number is HLN on Cox TV.

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Is the HLN Channel available on Cox?

Yes, the HLN Channel is available on Cox Station. As a result, Cox TV users can tune in to the respective channel to stream some live news and true crime stories.

However, you will need the channel code to locate the HLN channel on your TV. Read below to find the channel number of HLN on Cox.

What Channel is HLN on Cox?

HLN on Cox
What Channel is HLN on Cox?

Fortunately, it is possible to find and watch the HLN TV Network on the native channel lineup of Cox. Seemingly, Cox is one of the world’s largest cable TV providers that offers 100+ live TV channels.

In that way, it can be hard to find your desired channel on Cox TV without the exact channel code. Concerning that, we have done the research and mentioned the channel number of HLN below.

Name of the TV Streaming Service – Cox

Name of the Channel – HLN (Headline News TV Network)

Airing On – 34, 39, 45, 46, 51, 72, 98

The channel numbers mentioned above will help you with watching the HLN channel on your Cox TV. Seemingly, the channel codes might differ depending on various regions. So, it is suggested to refer to the official Cox website and check the exact Headline News channel number by entering your region code. 

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How much does Cox cost per month?

Cox is one of a few TV service providers that offers a lot of channels at an affordable subscription cost. In that way, the subscription to Cox is available in three different packages. They are Contour TV Starter, Contour TV Preferred, and Contour TV Ultimate.

Further, the Contour TV Starter pack costs $61/month with 75+ local channels, the Contour TV Preferred pack costs $112/month with 145+ local and cable TV channels, and the Contour TV Ultimate pack costs $149/month with 250+ local, cable, and premium channels. 

How to Watch Cox TV Online?

You can watch the Cox TV online using the Cox Contour TV app. Seemingly, the respective app is free to install and use for active Cox TV subscribers. In addition to live TV, you can also watch on-demand content using the Cox Contour TV app. 

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Where can I find the HLN channel?

You can find and watch the HLN channel on various TV service providers like YouTube TV, Hulu+Live TV, DirecTV Stream, and Sling TV. In addition, the desired channel is also available on multiple cable TV providing services.

Final Note

The above given is the exact channel code to find and watch the HLN TV channel on Cox. Get your Cox TV subscription, tune in to the desired channel, and start streaming the live news on your TV.