Is Bluestacks Safe for my PC?

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Dear friends! Have you ever wondered about playing Android games on your PC? So, you have decided to turn up your computer into a gaming console but don’t know how to set it up. Therefore, you are ready to run some Android emulators on your PC. By the way, Bluestacks remains the best choice among millions of people to run Android games on Mac & PC. Fine. Then, which stops you install the Bluestack?

There are lots of queries rolling through your mind regarding the Bluestacks like, Is it really safe? Is this affect my PC’s performance? Does my device get harmed while running the Bluestack emulator? Likewise, you can keep on finding doubts about Bluestacks and its safety. Dig out this guide to get all the needful kinds of stuff.

Why people feel Bluestack is risky?

Indeed, When compared to Nintendo, Bluestack is one of the extremely legitimate emulators. It is requested to install the Bluestack software from renowned websites such as official sites. Otherwise, it is too risky when you install it via third-party web pages.

Is Bluestacks safe
Is Bluestacks safe? Is it Legal?

Anyhow, Our PC has anti-virus software to detect threats and viruses. It safeguards our files and prevents virus attacks while installing any new software. Even though Bluestack performs well, a few of the Antivirus tools shows that Bluestack contains threat and malware. It is due to fall detection of the anti-virus software. There is no proven evidence found so far to say Bluestack does harm and contains threats. It is why many people are not ready to install this emulator.

Why Bluestack disables the anti-virus software?

At the time of installing the Bluestack on your computer, it prompts you to disable the antivirus software that is active on your device. Particularly, this prompt becomes a vital reason for many people to say Bluestack is unsafe. But, the fact behind the process is nothing complex. To accomplish a successful and proper installation, Bluestack asks you to disable the anti-virus software.

Though your antivirus keeps on showing the Bluestack is malware, add the software into the trusted program section of your protection software. Thereafter, the anti-virus stop showing false detection.

Where can I download the secured Bluestack software?

Hopefully, Bluestack won’t harm your device only if you have downloaded the package from the official website. The respective team of Bluestack declared that “When you download the Bluestack from official web sources, you will not find any malware or malicious programs on the software. Or else, we are not responsible for safety if you download the file from any other unauthorized or unofficial websites”.

Is it secure to sign in with my Google accounts on Bluestacks?

Yeah! It is completely robust to get started with your Google accounts. As Bluestack is an Android emulator, it will ask you to sign in with a google account to sync with Google Play Store. Moreover, this process is closely similar to an Android-powered smartphone booting for the first time. Still, you are not ready to link your main account, you can create a new account. So, you can use the account only for Bluestack syncing purposes.


All in all, you are good to slow down the usage of mobile phones. Instead, start to chat with your kiddos and play streaming games on the computer itself. Merely using the compact screen won’t give you a lively experience. That’s why we have some Android emulators in the online market. Keep in mind that don’t try to extract the illegal emulators or copyrighted emulators. It results in harm to your PC and spreads the threats on your Virus-free computers. On the whole, it is your turn to download the Bluestacks emulator for your PC.

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