How to Get Jellyfin on Roku?

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Are you searching for the best media server app for your Roku device? You can go ahead with this article to get Jellyfin on Roku.

Jellyfin is an open-source media server and it is mainly developed to organize, manage and share digital content to networked devices.

Moreover, it is a free multimedia software system that controls the media on your device. This app doesn’t require an external connection or third-party authentication for any functions.

Do you want to install the Jellyfin app on your Roku device?

Then, continue to read the article to get the easy installation steps to complete the process.

Can I Get Jellyfin on Roku?

Yes, you can get Jellyfin on Roku.

The Roku Channel Store has the Jellyfin application. You can easily install the Jellyfin app from the Channel Store. So, it is possible to add Jellyfin to your Roku.

Are you a new user of Roku devices? And also, you don’t know how to add the Jellyfin app to your device.

So, without any frustration, you can check the upcoming article to install Jellyfin on your Roku device.

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How to Get Jellyfin on Roku?

As we know that Jellyfin is available on the Roku Channel Store from the above section. But, we don’t know how to get them on your device.

This upcoming section will guide you to complete the installation process successfully on your streaming device.

The Jellyfin application on your Roku streaming device helps to customize the media platform in an appropriate manner. And also, helps to watch live TV channels and record your favorite shows.

The only requirement to get the Jellyfin server on your device is the proper internet connection.

Jellyfin on Roku
How to Get Jellyfin on Roku?

Hereby, I provided installation steps to add the Jellyfin to your Roku device.

Step 1:

Verify that the Roku device is properly connected to the HDMI port of your Smart TV.

Step 2:

Power on your Roku-connected TV and connect with a stable internet connection.

Step 3:

Press the home button on your Roku remote.

Step 4

Highlight the Channel Store from the home screen.

Step 5:

Search for the Jellyfin app using the search icon on your device.

Step 6:

Choose the Jellyfin app from the search results.

Step 7:

Now, click the Add Channel option from the app to get the app on your Roku device.

Step 8:

The Jellyfin app gets added to your Roku device under the Streaming Channels section.

Step 9:

Search the app from the channel’s section and choose it.

Step 10:

Open the Jellyfin app and complete the signup process using the TV provider’s subscription credentials.

Step 11:

After completing this process, open the Jellyfin app and use them on your Roku device.

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Finally, the article on Jellyfin on Roku is completed here. The Jellyfin application is possible to get from the Roku Channel Store.

So, you can easily install the server app on your streaming device using the above-given instructions. And also, you came to know about the Jellyfin app and its usage on your device.

Moreover, using this server media app, we can get the media platform in an organized manner on your Roku device. And it is completely free to use on your devices

To get the Jellyfin app on your device, immediately start to install it on your streaming device.

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