How to Install NHRA TV on Firestick?

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NHRA TV on Firestick: Have you got a racing fever? If so, you must check the NHRA TV to find some exciting car racing events. Seemingly, NHRA, or National Hot Racing Association is a popular car racing event that is available via the NHRA TV.

Being an online service the respective app helps you with watching live and on-demand racing content. Moreover, many people are wondering about installing the NHRA TV app on Amazon Firestick.

Concerning that, here we provide you with the simple methods to install and watch NHRA TV on Fire TV Stick. Continue reading to explore the availability of the NHRA TV app on Firestick.

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Can I Watch NHRA TV on Firestick?

Yes, you can watch the NHRA TV content on Amazon Firestick directly by installing the respective app. Indeed, the NHRA TV app is natively available on the Amazon App Store.

As a result, Firestick users need not look for any alternative workarounds to watch NHRA car racing on their devices. Further, head over to the below section to find a detailed guide to watch NHRA TV Firestick. 

How to Install and Watch NHRA TV on Firestick?

NHRA TV on Firestick
How to Install NHRA TV on Firestick?

Fortunately, the NHRA TV app is compatible with installing on Firestick. However, you must have a valid subscription to access and watch live racing events on your TV.

Check the official page of NHRA TV for a detailed guide to subscription. With that being done, you can proceed with the steps below. 


Initially, Power On your Amazon Firestick and ensure that it is connected to an active internet source.


Move to the Home Screen and click the Find option.


Now, use the on-screen keyboard to search for the desired NHRA TV app.


Choose the app from the search results and move to the App Installation screen.


Click the Download button and wait until the app gets installed on your device.


Launch the installed NHRA TV app and Sign In with your account credentials.


Further, you can start watching the amazing car racing events on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

This is how you can get NHRA TV on Firestick directly. What if you can’t install the desired app on your device?

In such cases, you can proceed with alternative methods like Screen Mirroring or Sideloading. Indeed, the screen mirroring process requires you to install the NHRA TV app on your smartphone.

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On the other hand, you will need to install Downloader or ES File Explorer on Fire Stick to sideload the NHRA TV app. However, a valid NHRA TV subscription is mandatory irrespective of the methods you choose. 

How much does NHRA TV cost?

Indeed, the subscription to NHRA TV is available in two packages. They are ‘Weekly Pass’ and ‘Annual Pass’. Seemingly, the Weekly Pass costs $24.99/month and the Annual Pass costs $149.99/month. It is better to purchase the Annual Pass as it has more credits than the other one.

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How to Watch NHRA TV for free?

Fortunately, it is possible to watch NHRA TV for free by signing up for a complimentary account on NHRA.TV. Moreover, NHRA won’t provide any free trial period to access its content for free.

Final Note

This is all to say about the methods to get and watch NHRA TV on your Amazon Fire Stick. Indeed, you can get the desired app directly from the Amazon App Store without any issues. Make sure to get the NHRA TV subscription to watch your favorites on TV.