What Channel is OWN on Cox?

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OWN on Cox: Some fitness freaks like you will love to watch health and lifestyle content even on TV. So, they will be in search of a TV channel that brings them health-related content.

In that way, OWN is an American multinational cable TV channel that replaces the Discovery Health channel. OWN stands for Oprah Winfrey Network and it is a joint venture between Warner Bros. Discovery and Harpo Studios.

Also, you know that Cox is a TV service provider that includes a variety of channels. Hence, we shall get the possibility of watching the OWN channel on Cox in this article.

Does Cox Have the Own Channel?

Yes, Cox has the OWN channel in its lineup and you can access it by subscribing to a valid pack of Cox. You shall get to know more about the channel and its streaming details in the following portion of this write-up.

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What Channel is OWN on Cox?

As you know, the Own channel is one platform that satisfies your healthy lifestyle needs and is often called the Own Network. Further, television personality Oprah Winfrey Spearheads this channel featuring entertainment, self-help, and lifestyle programs.

In addition, this channel features female people in general apart from the African-American community. Besides the regular programs, you will also enjoy reruns of talk show programming from Harpo Studios library such as the archived episodes of the “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Also, the regular programs of this channel include programs that surround celebrities, self-awareness, therapy, spirituality, and so on. Moreover, the OWN channel offers a variety of scripted programming with different TV series.

So, you can have access to all these programs if the channel is available on your TV service provider’s channel lineup. As we saw above, we can confirm that the Own channel is available on the Cox streaming service.

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The only thing you should have is a valid subscription to the Cox service that includes the Own Channel. Once you are done with the subscription to the Cox service, knowing the exact channel number will let you tune into the channel.

OWN on Cox
What Channel is OWN on Cox?

After that, you can directly reach the Own channel and access its content. We have made it simple for you by providing a relevant channel number for you.

Streaming Service: Cox

Channel Name: OWN

Channel Number- 104

Though you can see the channel number of Own on Cox above, it varies by region. Hence, it will be better to check the official channel lineup once to confirm the exact channel number of the Own channel based on your region.

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As a result, we have concluded this article after knowing the relevant channel number of OWN on Cox. However, you should have the right subscription pack to Cox and get the channel number according to your region. Hope, the other info we have discussed on the channel will be helpful for you.